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The GarterCatcher July 4th, 2009 -- First Alex got caught up in the dancing at cousin Danny and Marianne's wedding in Chicago, but THEN he went and caught the garter!  Could this suave Gentleman truly be next?
First School Show! April, 2008 -- Alex and his friends Avery and Jackson perform an Under the Sea number fit for Broadway!.
Seven Days Song February, 2008 -- Great song for those who don't yet know their days of the week.  You know who you are.
Funny Martian Language December, 2007 -- Everyone who has a child knows that they can have a language all their own.  But Martian Language?

Electrical Livingroom Pageant

August, 2007 -- Thanks to Don Dorsey for the CD from the Electrical Water Pageant at WDW.  As you can see, it had an immediate "happy effect" on Alexander.

Third Birthday with Friends

July, 2007 -- Birthday festivities with Jackson, Baby Gracie, Avery, and Baby Mackenzie.

Alex's PVC TubaPhone

June, 2007 -- What happens when you cross a 3-year-old with the Blue Man Group?
Slip n Slide April, 2007 -- Fun, fun, fun with Danny and the Slip n Slide at Cindy & Jeff's!

Buca di Beppo Dinner

April, 2007 -- Dinnertime fun with the Van Wormers, with a birthday cameo by Doug.

New Game for Grandma

March, 2007 -- Alex decided he would get tremendously excited over a new ball-rolling game he invented.  He had to tell Grandma about it!

Itsy Bitsy Spider

March, 2007 -- A musical genius in the making.

Baptism Day

February, 2007 -- Alex's momentous occasion.  No camera's were allowed in the church, but this captures the wonderful family day we all had!

Fun Day at Celebration

February, 2007 -- A great day in Celebration, Florida with all sorts of family members.

The Pirates of Vero Beach

November, 2006 -- Alex's FAVORITE thing to do at Disney's Vero Beach Resort.

Second Birthday Party!!

July, 2006 -- A short movie edited together by Dad.  See if you can spot the 2nd Birthday catch phrase of, "Oh, my!"

Alex's BubbleFest

August, 2005 -- An oldie but goodie where Alex spontaneously started blowing bubbles.  And, no, there was no soap involved whatsoever!


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