The Journey

From A Bulletin Board Near A Copier...


After nine long months we all land

Like astronauts

On this earth with empty hands,

And all the world watches for that first step.


First it’s stretching,

Then the crawling,

Then the leaning on a table,

Then the falling, then the standing,

Then the first step,

Then the second,

Then all applaud.


And soon like astronauts

We begin collecting pieces of earth,

Pound after pound.

First food, then toys,

Then money from grandmothers,

Diplomas and degrees,

Friends here and there,

And then the stuff of earth.


But before our mission is complete,

Like experienced travelers

We learn the hard way

What to leave behind,

How to let go,

To take only what Is essential.

We learn by our mistakes

That our hands, our arms,

Our suitcases, our soul,

Our space ship,

Can only carry so much.


Then at the last minute,

We hear the announcement

That all we can take back is ourselves,

Just as we arrived,

With empty hands…


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