Take The Time

By Carl Allen...


As you walk upon this earth, miss not a thing.

As it is a one time deal so to every moment cling.

Look at all the different flowers each has a beauty of its own.


Smell not just the roses their beauty is not alone.

Look all around you so much beauty to see.

The grandeur of a setting sun or the falling of a leaf.


Listen to the songs of birds for to each its own.

A whip-or-will calling or a mocking bird's song.

The calling of the crows as they fly on high.

The song of the whispering pines as the wind passes buy.

Marvel not at just the sun for the moon also shines.

Animals made by clouds since the beginning of time.


The roar of the mighty ocean or the whisper of a creek.

The call of a wolf or the wren that cheeps.

The sound of thunder, the croak of a frog.

The splash of water, as it leaps from a log.

The day fades away the beginning of the night.

The hoot of an owl, or a nightingale in flight.


The crow of a rooster, as dawn breaks through.

The sounds of life, as it wakes anew.

The calmness of a pond, the sound of a restless sea.

The freshness in the air, and the hum of a bee.

Dirt dobbers at work, the sound of a hawk.

A meadow lark sings, and a bobwhite's call.


When you know all of this, and walked instead of run,

found beauty in everything,

you have learned to live, my son.

- The late Carl Allen was a local historian from Auburndale, Florida


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