Here's a great shot of the participants of The Great Visit, taken at Disney's Wilderness Lodge Vacation Club.


John installed our new back door.  It turned out great!  It's 110% better than the cheap nasty old door that has been on there when I bought the house in '93.  Now the full-length glass allows the light to fill the kitchen and makes us appreciate our new floor that much more!


For his 70th Birthday, John was treated to a Luau, and forced to get up onstage and teach everyone else how the hula is really done.


A candle on ice cream?  Blow it out!  Quick!!


John and Don tried very hard to contain their enthusiasm out on our deck...




One of the BEST things (and the worst, depending on your perspective) is the good food whenever there are visitors.  Home-cooked meals, wonderful restaurants, it doesn't matter, as long as the company is great!  Here are just a few of the bazillion wonderful "meal events" we got to enjoy together during the Visit.




We tried to go up in a hot air balloon THREE TIMES during the Great Visit.  All three were cancelled by weather, but at least the second time (above) we got to get the balloon out before the bad news came.  We will have to try next visit, and the next, and the next,...until we finally succeed!!



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