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The Mount Washington Hotel

Our next home base for a few days was the Mt. Washington Hotel, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  This was an opulent 1902  hotel, reminiscent of the hotel in The Shining.  There was a reason for that...Stephen King was staying here when he got the inspiration for the book!  This was also the location of the big secret International Monetary Conference in the 1940's, where the leaders of the world met to discuss how money should really work.

The mountains in the area was incredibly beautiful!  Mt. Washington was in the distance directly behind the hotel.  From the hotel, we actually got to view the top of the mountain peeking out for a few hours one day.  This is rare, since the top of the mountain is infamous for having some of the world's worst weather, even while it's pleasant down at the hotel area!

Try for more words on this grand old place.

One of the ways to get up to the top of the Mountain is to take the world's first cog railway.  It has been running it's three-mile route up to the top since 1879, climbing at angles up to 37 degrees!   Unfortunately, this was not yet open for the season, but the museum area was still worth seeing.