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We Get To See Their Front Ends Tomorrow!

On our first day in Woodstock, Vermont, we went to the Billings Farm.  This was a wonderful actual working farm, with an excellent museum, dairy barn, ice cream place, 1890's farm house tour, etc.  This was perhaps the most unique beginning to a honeymoon in history, but it was GREAT FUN!  Being normal is obviously not our goal, here!

This farm was developed by Frederick Billings, who was one of the original conservationists anywhere, way back in the 1800's.  He planted 10,000 trees around the area, and basically "invented" the beautiful natural surroundings of Woodstock.  Some really good pictures and information can be found at

Before leaving the Woodstock area, we visited yet another farm, waaaaaaaay up on a hill with a beautiful view of the mountains and valleys along the way.   It was called Sugar Bush Farm, and is a maple sugar farm and cheese making place.   After having sizable samples of waaaaay too many kinds of cheese, we wandered around amongst the maple trees, and made our way to the chapel in the woods.  They actually perform weddings at this little tiny chapel, in the middle of the forest, right next to the sign warning everyone to watch out for cow pies all around.  What a unique location!  Too bad we were already married, only days before!!!  See  for more cool stuff on this interesting little place in the hills...