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The Last Dinner....But, Oh What A Dinner!

On the final evening of our honeymoon, we decided to pop for the only documented five-star restaurant of the entire culinary tour...the White Barn Inn.  This is an absolutely gorgeous place in the equally incredible Kennebunkport, Maine.  We had the best service either of us had ever experienced in our lives, and the food came in what seemed like 25 courses!  The restaurant was actually built inside an old barn, with antiques and farm equipment mixed around amongst the fine and sometimes funky paintings.  I could try and describe the evening in more detail, but like so many other places on our New England journey, this must be experienced to be fully appreciated.  You can get a better feel for the place at

We also decided that living in the Kennebunkport area would be a fine enough place to reside.  It's a beautiful town that seems to have an annual income somewhere between CEO and O.J.'s legal staff!  We did see the Bush compound, but we didn't go in.  Barbara invited us for lunch, but we turned her down for a better experience elsewhere.   C'mon, Barbara, Beanie Weenies again?  We can do better than that!

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