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The Flume Gorge

Even though it was rainy, we took the two-mile hike through the hills to the Flume Gorge.  This was well worth the trip!  The Gorge itself, as pictured above with our lovely model, Laura Lee, was discovered by a 90-year-old lady in the 1800's.  She went back and told her family about it, and they didn't believe her for quite a while ("Grandma's been eating those "funny" berries again in the woods!").  Luckily, she was right, and the place became a must-see for 19th-century travelers.  Once again the only humans on the trail, we felt as if we had been transported back in time.  We could easily imagine prehistoric critters wandering through at any time!

All of the last five pictures are in the beautiful area of New Hampshire referred to as the Franconia Notch, seen here.