In March, 2002, David was away in France on business, and Laura Lee was eating lunch out back on the deck, enjoying a lovely knish from a local deli.  Right in mid-knish, a little tortoiseshell tabby visitor showed up.  Curious about what the heck a knish was, this young kitty got closer, and the two quickly became friends.  Realizing that the kitty was without a home, Laura Lee began doing what any kind-hearted person would do...feeding the kitty nice cans of tuna!  This child had found H.K.H. (Homeless Kitty Heaven)!

First heard by David via a trans-Atlantic phone line, the little kitty began to find her way into their hearts.  Once David met the kitty in person, the little lady worked her magic, and found yet another lifelong friend.  For several weeks, the kitty would hang around outside, get yummy food from the kind souls in the big white house, and get to cuddle in and sleep on Grammie Cerasoli's hand-knitted cat blankets.  Even through the cold weather, the little kitty was certain she had found H.K.H.  For her entire months-long life, she he had always dreamed of such a place.

As she grew a little bigger, another homeless kitty, a.k.a. Romeo, decided to begin coming by in the evenings and go-a-courtin' with the little kitty.  The people in the big white house decided that the little kitty should be fixed, and get all her shots and happy pills to begin leading a healthy life...somewhere.  The kitty came home to the big white house after her surgery, and lived in the bathroom for a week or so, since the nice doctor warned her to not be very active while her tummy stitches healed.  IN THE HOUSE?  How did this happen?

David and Laura Lee took very good care of the kitty, and, yes, she stayed in their home and started to really like it there!   They began searching far and wide for a suitable home.  Since David is allergic to cats, and their home wasn't really set up to be kitty-friendly, they felt it was the only good solution.  After several "almost's", David and Laura Lee finally decided that there was yet another possible solution whose time may have come.  Keep the kitty!

Yes, she worked it exactly according to plan, and became a member of the Hynds family.  A name was elusive, but the Hynds gang finally decided on "Kitty!"  There just really wasn't anything else that worked!

So since May, 2002, Kitty has happily ruled both the inside and outside of the homestead, and is perhaps the only kitty on the block to have two stories of home to play with all day, her own 2nd story window shelf with a view of her kingdom, complete with a Grammie-brand blanket, and a lush garden, deck and waterfall to explore out back!  She has proven to be an amazingly good kitty, not bothering any floor-length lace curtains, staying out of Laura Lee's beautiful dried flower arrangements, and David's cat allergies seem immune.  She was meant to be a Hynds!!

Kitty Hynds is in the house!!