October 3rd, 2000

This is truly THE greatest web site I've ever seen!!    - David Hynds

October 5th, 2000

website is great, each time i look at it i see a part or scene that i missed the previous viewing. you must be on a restricted budget -- i only see one female model. - Pop Hynds

October 6th, 2000

Well, well, well. What a cool site to see! Congrats on a job well done. I had much more to say....but I saw you only wanted tasteful comments. Too bad, they were pretty funny!    - Richard and Tasha

October 6th, 2000

This is quite a site, er, sight, to see. It makes me proud to be your nephew. In fact, this makes that "Yahoo" look like a dog-and-pony show.

P.S. The
Marching Salukis rock!

October 6th, 2000
Later that same day...

Whoops! I guess I should mention that it was me, Andy Hynds, who provided the above comment.

October 6th, 2000

Wow. What a nice way to capture one's loves and joys...and to be able to share them. -- Greg

October 7th, 2000

Great web site!! WOW!!   - Melody

October 8th, 2000

Since priceline.com stopped offering gas and groceries, this is the only web site for me!
What's your price for Kraft Pokemon mac n' cheese?
Sterling Tarrant Colorado Springs, CO.

October 8th, 2000

Since you didn't write to us for soooo long, the photo documentary will suffice. We feel like we're caught up now. The best part of the web site is seeing Leno and Jeff all dressed up. Those boys clean up pretty good! Since Laura Lee is now familiar with Seattle weather (are you sure you honeymooned in New England?), we've prepared the guest futon and are ready to battle those fancy B&B's with our own breakfasts for the hungry honeymooners! Congratulations, you handsome groom and lovely bride!
Karen "Sitzy" and Howard

October 9th, 2000

One of the best hours I ever spent--FANTASTIC--and it was worth all the hours spent on preparation. Looking forward to some more.    - Mom Hynds

October 13th, 2000

Your recent web site included some diatribe regarding the christening of your pond with an undrinkable cheap beer by the name of Pabst. Please be informed that had it not been for my employment with the Pabst brewery, I probably could not have attended college. Had I not attended college I would not have been employed with Illinois Power Co. Had I not gone to work with Illinois Power, I would not have been transferred to Decatur, in which case I would not have met your mother. It follows that there would be no David --- then no pond to christen.

I might accept an apology. Dad 

November 9th, 2000

Great new additions guys!!! The UK photos brought back some grand memories which we'll never forget. What would we do without cameras? LUV  FROM MUM (Hynds)

November 14th, 2000 

I really love the website! You did a wonderful, fantastic job on it, my hubby. And no, I am not just saying that!!

Your Wifey

December 10th, 2000 

I found your site quite by accident...your efforts gave me great feelings. I'm adding you to my favorites. (I'm a father of six)!

Dan Fandrey, Newark, Ohio

December 21st, 2000 

What a wonderful way to keep in touch. I am so happy that each of you have found your soulmate (not many have that privilege). Am so glad to be able to share in
your happy busy lives, its a super dooper site. Keep up the good work. Love to you both, (Aunt) Phyllis

December 28th, 2000 

i had to scope out your site after receiving your very funny and creative holiday newsletter! it's fabulous! congrats on the wedding + expect an email from me with the url to our site <i'm too embarrassed to post it here, wouldn't want anyone to compare....> 
-jill <pegler> rose, indiana

December 30th, 2000 

Happy New Year to the Florida Hynds Gang from the Illinois Hynds Gang (younger version). I was quite honored and proud to see my son was the contest winner.  He put in many hours preparing his essay. I'm so glad to see all that tuition money is not wasted. Well, hope to see you sometime in 2001. I sure do enjoy browsing the HyndSite.  Take care and love to you both, Tina

January 5th, 2001 

My tastefully complimentary comments are "You guys are great" I loved the website and all the written remarks under all the pictures. You made me laugh and I loved the visit. Brave to David and Laura Lee for a job well done. Great website. Paulette from Woodland Gardens.

February 4th, 2001 

Very interesting from a Scottish Hynd. Shirley Ann Hynd (now a MacMillan) Falkirk

February 20th, 2001 

hello my name is also david hynd. i am from scotland. i am glad to see there is more than one david hynd in the world! 
David hynd from scotland.

July 19th, 2001

I really like this website, Aunt Laura Lee and Uncle David! I like it only because it has pictures of me in it! Just Kidding! I am happy to be your niece! Love, Kristen

October 21st, 2001

Wow!  And I thought the FIRST HyndSite was spectacular!  This new version is great!  I'm Speechless!  - David Hynds

October 22nd, 2001

Hear!! Hear!! to Dad up on 13 Oct 2000. Well said, Don. However, the guy on 3 Oct 2000 and 21 Oct 2001 comes across like a paid commercial...... As for the web site, well, everyone keeps saying such nice things I think we need a little perspective. There are so many dadburned flowers and butterflies and spinning things that I got dizzy while sneezing up my breakfast! In my opinion, this web site .............uhhh, sorry, I gotta go, I'm late for a root canal......Leno

October 22nd, 2001

Mom and I REALLY enjoy the new look to the website! How fancy! Much easier to move around!! Keep up the good work! Your Wifey

October 24th, 2001

Hi U2, enjoying your new site and am anxiously awaiting the "private" link. Thanks for the entertainment and keep up the good work. AUNT PHYLLIS

October 26th, 2001

The silly things were my favorite part. I was laughing all by my self, which I think scared Michael a bit. Keep up the good work.    Helen A.

October 27th, 2001

I, too, am looking forward to the "private link" but for now I'm really enjoying your latest & long awaited changes & additions. As your Mum, I, of course, must say "GREAT JOB"!!!! I still get a big laugh out of the salmon commercial & dog days.

November 27th, 2001

Hi,and welcome from Charlie Hynd it is 11.30 pm 26/11/01 and I am viewing your site from my desk on the North Cormorant Oil Platform 120 miles North of the UK Shetland Islands.  Site is excellent brought a smile to my face on this cold and windy night....Hope lots of other Hynd's find your site, there are a lot of us in Scotland...originally from Kilburnie in Ayrshire.  Cheers I am off back into the Snow...Charlie H.

December 15th, 2001

This continues to be a great site. This will be an enjoyable Christmas with all of the Hynds clan together. I can't wait to do silly things together, especially the type of things that make other families wonder how strange we are. No, seriously, it's going to be a wonderful time.  -

December 17th, 2001

Laura and Dave,  Greetings from this winter wonderland known as Avon, CT. I'm glad you got my Christmas card and i finally took some time to scour this site. i ABSOLUTELY love it. There are humorous and poignant aspects. Keep up the good work and have a great holiday and 2002. Hope to see you the next time I am in O-Town...Al O

December 21st, 2001

Hi David & Laura...this site is great....but one thing, I've known Laura only like forever, and I don't get a guest pass to the special "private" area (Webmaster note: after 1/4/02 we no longer have an area labeled 'private', so don't go crazy trying to find it, anyone)? So much for friendship, now I know where I stand! Hope you all have a great warm holiday! Can't wait to see Christmas photos up here!...Debbie
(as in Anderson now Lindner...remember Laura? I used to live across the street from you? You were in my wedding? and I thought we were friends....hee hee hee! :)

January 7th, 2002

Greetings from another Hynds Clan in England. We are Phil and Karen Hynds, our boys are David and Robert Hynds, aged 8 and 11. So we are not alone!!!

January 8th, 2002

Nice update. Now the secret is out. Everyone in Cyberspace will know what I look like! (Note to new viewers: go to "Recent Adventures," then "Christmas in Illinois," unless the site has been updated since then. In that case, never mind!)

January 18th, 2002

Hi, you two love birds or are you butterflies.  I feel a warm fuzzy, happy feeling when I am on your web-site. So when I miss you, LauraLee & David I am with you both on www.hyndsite.com WONDERFUL Shmily   - MOM C

March 24th, 2002

Hello, hello, hello it had been a while since I had checked in on your site, and can I say how wonderful it is!!! The garden and the waterfall look fantastic and I am glad to see Whitey is doing much better!!! When are you having your next waterfall party?  I had heard a rumor maybe April 1st or was that to be an April Fools?
t. - Orlando

HYNDSITE NOTE:  Click here to see the antics at the aforementioned party!

June 4th, 2002

Beautiful web page!

HYNDSITE NOTE:  This person did not leave a name, but they obviously have good taste!!

June 30th, 2002

no comments....

P.S. I really liked your website, especially the Level of Insanity in Silly Things -- The SEANINATOR

August 9th, 2002

Just checked HyndSite again & really like the new additions & alterations. I had several good laughs from "Ground Rules" & especially like the "backorder bugs". Everything is just GREAT!!!    - Happy Days from Mom H.

August 13th, 2002

Great Paris photos! I wish I could of found some of those post cards to scan..................Leno

HYNDSITE NOTE:  As The Editors, we deny any knowledge of postcards.  In fact, we don't even know what a postcard is.  Yea, that's it...

September 29th, 2002

Great website! I'm the granddaughter of Helen Debe whose brother married Addis Hynds who was born July 23, 1878 and passed away on April 15, 1964. Would you or any of your older relatives happen to know if Addis Hynds was related to your branch of the family?  - Sincerely, Kaye Williams

HYNDSITE NOTE:  We have handed this over to our extensive team of researchers (Mom & Dad)!   :-)

November 16th, 2002


December 21st, 2002

Not so easy for me to understand all the content of this incredible HyndSite. But I enjoy it as well.  Thanks a lot for "the Christmas Times". Merry Christmas.


- Stephane Villet

formerly known as Steph'


December 21st, 2002

David, Great site. How do you find the time? Very well done.   - Paul Gunnels

HYNDSITE NOTE:  Time is all relative...just ask Einstein.

December 22nd, 2002

Laura and David,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2003. Once again great job with the newsletter. I have to check all the updates on the web site. Stay well   - Al Ogilvie

January 26th, 2003

OH MY GOSH! What a great web site. It is so wonderfull to see how you are doing. Thanks for taking the time to create such a great way to keep in touch. Your cousin, Cara Wrona

July 4th, 2003

This is truly one of the best web sites I've ever seen. When I get down in the dumps I go to it and it makes me feel so much better. Thanks. Aunt Jan

July 17th, 2003

Greetings Florida Hynds Clan from the Illinois Hynds Clan (Steven branch). This is your sister-in-law Tina. I am sitting at my desk at M.E.Barber Co. (working real hard at typing invoices) and am enjoying HyndSite immensely! Don't tell the boss that I'm using company time for personal use. We are all looking forward to your visit in August. Give Mickey and Minnie our love and best wishes. Take care and see ya soon!  Love, Tina

July 17th, 2003

Thank you for the talent of you two wonders. Absolutely LUV seeing my family from afar. Your home is beautiful, new bathroom etc all of it. So happy to be able to view it all and to view the wonderful trips you make.  Love it all and it wouldn't be as good without the silly comments all through it :-) Luv and Hugs to David and Laura Lee for making it possible for me to keep in touch with my family.  Aunt Phyllis (Sassy)

September 1st, 2003

GREAT PICTURES ON YOUR ILLINOIS TOUR - Laura Lee and David you both look very happy. In LOVE, BEAUTIFUL and HANDSOME. Enjoyed my visit on your web-site today. Sept. 1, 2003 love Mom C. (You did a great job David)

September 2nd, 2003

L.L. & David. Thank You both for all the pictures you have sent us.  It's great to be able to share your life with us as we can't see you both in person as we would like to.  Our Love As Always--Dad & Dot.

November 7th, 2003

It sure is nice visiting your site again. It amazes me that you continue to achieve a level of greatness for three whole years. Keep up the good work, Joyce.

Your nephew Andy

HYNDSITE NOTE:  Thanks for the compliment, Veronica!

December 2nd, 2003

hi my name is michael hynds from ireland ,i came across your site by accident but am very impressed,great idea.! best wishes to all hynds clan in the states from ireland michael,debbie and kids gemma,richard and claudia

December 30th, 2003

While the site is artsy, nice and appealing to many, I feel it is too conservative and censored for me to express myself as I truly am. If you only want compliments in the guest book, call it a compliment book. As always, your former friend, Leno. BTW I just entered round 1 of Names for the new biological chemistry experiment..............

July 1st, 2004

Just a reminder to change the population of hyndsite to 4 on the coffee mugs : ) ur niece, Lauren

HYNDSITE NOTE:  This will be changed.  However, due to the time it now takes to change OTHER things (P.U. Stinkee!), we may not be prompt.  - The Editors

October 6th, 2000

So happy that "Nubs" has a name now. Congratulations to the two of you. Can't wait to see some pictures of Alexander on your website.   - Aunt Jan

August 17th, 2004

Hey CONGRATULATIONS! I just heard the news from Loriann and got online to see for myself. Great photos - great arrival. From the other side of the world I delight in sending the best of wishes to the proud parents and the hope that every good thing visits Alexander to fill his life with joy and happiness!    - Barry, Newcastle upon Tyne UK

August 21st, 2004

Just checked out the new addition & I truly think you should continue with the beautiful little third party pictures on this site. I also like your little bookworm at the top of this page.     - Love from Mom/Gram to all the producers of this site.

August 24th, 2004

My tastefully complimentary comments are: I LUV THE PIX OF ALEX, CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE AS HE GROWS...all the other "stuff" is great as well of course!!!!   - AUNT PHYLLISSURPRISE AZ    (it's a DRY heat) :-)

September 15th, 2004

Hi Ya'll ~~ Richard & I loved the pictures of little Alex!! What a cutie!! We send our greetings from the "Great White North". We miss you guys, & would love to see your new addition, but until then send lots of pictures!! tash

October 10th, 2004

After a few trips to the site, I finally made it through all the pictures! It was worth the time!! If I had to mention a few favorites, I would pick... LL & Alex by the waterfall, naptime, and the HI picture is just sooooo cute! We are so glad to see all of you through the pictures and hope to see you all this winter. Love to all, Cathy, Chris, Jackson, & Jordan Shelburne, VT gosh it's getting cold here!

November 5th, 2004

High marks to Lauren for being quick on the math computation back in July! And I think the Editor's excuse for being slow is just another warm load of..........well, you know....... Also didn't realize I needed to schedule several nights in a row just to peruse all the great Alex pics! I mean, come on, if I didn't know better, I would think you had one of those newfangled digital cameras!? Congratulations on moving to the 'hood, (parenthood, for those of you that don't know me). Now, best of luck on learning how to do it! It certainly keeps life from being.............dull. And if you keep this Guest Book long enough, one day you may actually have to explain to Alex who "Uncle Leno" is, and why he writes such strange things....... As always, your friend, Leno

December 22nd, 2004

Alex, I'm so glad we are neighbors and look forward to many play dates with you. I hope you get lots of fun toys for Christmas. See you soon! Jackson (Amanda is my mommy)

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