September 11, 2001

Out of the darkness, there can sometimes grow an intense light.  This shall most certainly happen.

Laura Lee and I were "stranded" in Maui on vacation when the horrible events of this week took place.  No, not a bad place at all to be stuck, but it did become impossible to fully enjoy the wonders of such a place after that dreadful day.

We did all we could to help keep things in perspective knowing that we were a mere 40 miles from a place we visited only days before...Pearl Harbor.  Knowing that the tears that appeared in our eyes at the Arizona Memorial would have soon an infinite number of companions throughout the world.

Although the news media coverage is riveting and needs to be heard, one cannot stare at the television stories constantly.  The perspective it gives must be balanced with the part of the world that goes on.

We were able twice more to head out snorkeling after the news hit.  This proved to be an excellent way to gain a healthier perspective.  We swam with some of most beautiful, colorful, unaffected creatures on Earth down there.  The sea turtles were still eating seaweed gracefully, the schools of thousands of big-eyed silver fish were swimming together without a care in the world, and the ocean was washing in, and out, just as it has on those rocks for millions of years.  The natural world of this planet is completely unchanged by these events.  The human world shall forever be changed.

Hopefully we can all draw some balance by looking at the wonderful things on Earth that have continued, and will continue...nature, the good parts of humankind, and love for one another's friends, families, and for the rest of our species.


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