Here Is The List Of Things That I Hope Will Emerge Out of the Darkness Of September 11th, 2001


Due to the ridiculous anthrax-mailing morons, maybe people will stop opening junk mail.  If people stop opening junk mail, maybe junkmailers will stop sending it.  :)

The world will be more unified than it ever has been in history.

Families may notice that they are actually important to each other.

People may begin to define themselves more by their humanity, rather than by their careers, their job functions, and their income.

People who typically work late every night will come home in time to see their families.

Parents will value their children more;  children will value their parents more.

There will be less violence in movies and television, due to the fact that Hollywood will realize that people's lives being taken on film does not constitute entertainment.

People will slow down and appreciate the simpler things of life for what they are: a constant thread that defines what it is to be human.

- David                            

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These are some of my hopes.

They don't necessarily have to be yours....but then again that's what freedom is all about.